What to Do if You Break Your Dentures

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Breaking dentures happens. When it does, the dentures owner usually wanders what to do next. After all, dentures provide a replacement for missing teeth, and without them, simple tasks like talking and eating become troublesome.

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If you break your dentures, do not panic. Instead, make a phone call to your dentist. If you don’t already have a dentist, it’s a good time to find someone that you trust to provide oral care on a regular basis. Your dentist can provide you with options for repair on broken dentures.

Most types of denture damage can be easily repaired, however, this is not the situation every time. In extreme cases of damage, it may be necessary to replace them instead of repair them.  Your dentist will let you know if repair is an option or if it is time to make a replacement.

On average, dentures last for about eight years. However, some dentures wear out well before this time. Many other factors also impact the lifetime of the dentures, such as how well you care for them. It is important that you maintain good oral health and dentures care to maximize their usage and lifetime.

Many times insurance covers the costs of dentures repair. However, in the event that you’re uninsured or your coverage doesn’t cover the fees, rest assured it is reasonably priced so you won’t go broke covering the expense. Many patients are surprised at the low cost of broken denture repair stockbridge.

Broken dentures happen as we go about our daily lives. They are fragile and break so easily. Dentists are aware of this and are ready to help their clients if this occurs. Do not fret without your dentures when repair service gets your smile back.